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Do you have a Program/ Lecture/ Workshop/ Discussion you want to share?

We are a mission-based space and work with like-minded organizations & individuals to present great programming. We aren't a banquet hall-- we're a mix between a museum, community center, laboratory and living room. Not every event is right for Bank Suey, but we go above and beyond for the ones that are, working as a co-host partnering on production and promotion, helping you shape a great experience. Check out "How We Think About Things" to learn more about our layered uses model. 

Rates! We have a sliding fee-scale that prioritizes accessible events and workshops open to the community. Depending on all the details we'll give you a tailored quote!

Amenities! We've got tables, chairs, A/V equipment. In most cases we have everything you need to host an event, so you won't have to rent additional stuff to host your program. 

If you're not sure if Bank Suey is the right fit, please explore our "past events" page to get an idea of the types of programming we've done and the types of orgs we partner with. Just because we haven't done it before doesn't mean we're not interested, but it can help you learn more about the space! 

Apply To Be A Home Tenant!   

Does your program or project need more regular use? Are you excited about being a part of a collective?

We're excited to be building a shared space community with folks that have similar missions and visions. Perhaps you have a program that occurs weekly or monthly, or you want to meet regularly somewhere. If you want to have a bigger role and stake that a single event, let us know in your form. 

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Please note, Bank Suey operates on an "everyone pays a little" model, and does not offer pro bono space. We work with nearly 100% mission-based orgs and non-profits and all contribute in some form.
Are you hosting something once, or do you want to be considered to have regular programming in the space?