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Book Suey's STORYTELLING SERIES: featuring Lynn Crawford

Saturday, April 13th at 2 pm join us for our next Storyteller, Lynn Crawford. She'll come in to discuss her latest book Shankus and Kitto: A Saga, writing, and any other questions. Check out our website,, for more info and upcoming events.
Lynn Crawford is a founding member of Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), a 2010 Kresge Literary Arts Fellow and a 2016 Rauschenberg Writing Fellow. Her books include Solow, Blow, Fortification Resort, a series of art-related sestinas, Simply Separate People, Simply Separate People, Two and Shankus & Kitto : A Saga. Paula Regossy, a detective novel riffing on art seen in Detroit, will be out fall, 2018 and published by Trinosophes, Detroit.

More info & RSVP here.

There is a unique dynamic between the written and spoken word. In reading aloud what is written down, in its horizontal and linear construction, in expressing verbally what the most basic form of communication is, the speaker becomes more than just a reader, but a Storyteller. Something magical happens when there is a release of words from the page utilizing our voice. In the age of media, of solitary observation of screens and the silent withdrawal of the individual to read, we forsake our common unifying bond, the communal splendor of a campfire. The hearth of human civilization revolves around the fundamental communal gathering and always is the Storyteller in the center.
With each Storytelling Series event, Book Suey will present a local writer/author to speak, to tell us a story, invite us to experience a piece of their world, their vision -- illuminating something we were unable to see before.