Past Events

Learn more about the types of programs we host at Bank Suey! See photos and re-caps from events you've attended! 

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We think it's important to come together as a community to learn more about important topics, like "Islamophobia." More info coming soon, check out the Calendar & scroll down to see past talks! 

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We host visual/interactive exhibits that can serve as a great platform for people to engage with and learn from. 



We've hosted trainings and hands-on workshops on topics from window repair to starting a small business to owning property in your community. More info coming soon, check out the Calendar & scroll down to see past workshops! 


Our space is great for off-site meetings with an inspiring backdrop. We're proud to be able to support 


Pop Up Museum! 

From March 31 -May 29, 2017 We are hosted Wojtek Sawa's "The Wall Speaks - Voices of the Unheard"  an internationally renowned multimedia exhibition, combining Art & History. We co-created 12+ talks around human rights and history as a part of this pop-up museum experience. 

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We host ticketed fundraising events for like-minded organizations & non-profits. This is one of the few cases that we do have ticketed semi-private events.