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Detroit Printing Co-op

Please join Danielle Aubert and Lorraine Perlman on Wednesday, October 9 from 6–8 pm to celebrate the release of the Detroit Printing Co-op: The Politics and the Joy of Printing.
Description: In 1969, shortly after moving to Detroit, Fredy and Lorraine Perlman and a group of kindred spirits purchased a printing press from a defunct militant printer and the Detroit Printing Co-op was born. The Co-op would print the first English translation of Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle and journals like Radical America, formed by the Students for a Democratic Society; books such as The Political Thought of James Forman printed by the League of Revolutionary Black Workers; and the occasional newspaper, such as Rebels' Voice by Detroit high schoolers.

Fredy Perlman was not a printer or a designer by training, but was deeply engaged in ideas, issues, processes, and the materiality of printing. His exploration of overprinting, collage techniques, varied paper stocks, and other experiments underscores the pride of craft behind the calls to action and class consciousness.

Building on in-depth research, this book is a highly illustrated testament to the power of printing that explores the history, output, and legacy of Fredy Perlman and the Co-op. It is published by Inventory Press.


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