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There is a unique dynamic between the written and spoken
word. In reading aloud what is written down, in its horizontal and linear construction, in expressing verbally what the most basic form of communication is, the speaker becomes more than just a reader, but a Storyteller. Something magical happens when there is a release of words from the page utilizing our voice. In the age of media, of solitary observation of screens and the silent withdrawal of the individual to read, we forsake our common unifying bond, the communal splendor of a campfire. The hearth of human civilization revolves around the fundamental communal gathering and always is the Storyteller in the center.

With each Storytelling Series event, Book Suey will present a local writer/author to speak, to tell us a story, invite us to experience a piece of their world, their vision -- illuminating something we were unable to see before. 

Join us on February 9th at 2 p.m. for our inaugural installment in the series, where we are excited to welcome our first storyteller: Michele Oberholtzer!

Michele Oberholtzer is a writer, activist, engineer, and adventurer who lives here in Hamtramck. Her day job is to lead the Tax Foreclosure Prevention Project for the United Community Housing Coalition, where she works to keep families in their homes. You may have seen her around town singing as she bikes, picking up litter with her cat (Alto) walking alongside, or knocking on your door as a candidate for public office. More stories, songs and poems can be found at

We will have more information here on our upcoming storytellers soon. So check back in

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