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Timeship #39

TIMESHIP #39 is a museum built by two time travelers back from the year 2113. They have come to America, 2018 to share environmental warnings and inspirations, and to begin reimagining how to build a better future on this toxic and troubled planet. They chose to travel to 2018 believing this is the perfect time to make changes to create an inclusive, sustainable future.

The exhibits are designed to spark ideas, conversation, & change. You're invited onboard to experience our curious collection and inspirations past, present, & future! 

"Our time-traveling school bus has been converted into an educational museum.
We travel throughout America's heartland in search of open-minded individuals who can take in our museum's warnings of environmental degradation and turn these horrors into imaginative creations and actions for a better future.
We aim to inspire grassroots movements across middle and southern America that can pave the way for a sustainable future.  Visitors to our bus are invited to make a change or initiate a project in their town and share their work using the #MissionTIMESHIP tag."

Learn more about timeship & delta collab here! 

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