Hamtramck Heritage Textile Mural Project 


This summer Bank Suey is Partnering with Summer in the City to paint a mural inspired by YOUR PATTERNS on the west exterior of Bank Suey.

What we’re looking for:

Patterns inspired by the textiles of the many cultures of Hamtramck. This means we’ll take patterns, shapes, and colors from different fabrics, rugs, clothing, and other weavings.  

What we’ll do with them:

We’ll make a design by combining the different patterns, this design will then become a mural that will be painted onto the back wall of the Bank Suey building. We’re working with Summer in the City to do this!  

We need your help! How to get involved:

Bring us your favorite textiles! Whether it’s your grandmother’s tablecloth, your favorite skirt, or another new or traditional fabric, submit it to be included. 

Email photos (make sure they are clear & patterns are visible) to Alissa@Banksuey.com , either fill out the form below, or include the info below in your email! 

Before filling out this info, please email your image to alissa@banksuey.com!
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(What's the country it's from? Who makes it?)
What's the story? Why did you want to submit it? Why should it be included?